Soma OVERNIGHT COD ~ Soma NO PRESCRPTION Introducing the sub-marine “Quadcopter”!

Our Quads can fly horizontally or “hover” vertically at the surface. The goal  is to provide unmatched views of the marine world in an exciting way. Going fast, and even jumping out of the water like a dolphin or shark! Each of our Quad configurations drags a buoy for real time control input and an SD video stream. They are piloted real time and use an array of sensors to be “Fly-by-wire” (or electronically stabilized). Rf range will be in the 500m range and you will have 15 – 60 min of endurance.



Like an aerial Quad ours get all   it’s maneuverability through thrust mixing. So it’s simple, with only 4 moving parts! What makes our quads different is the way they have been balanced to work underwater, streamlined to move easily in a fluid that is 1000 times heavier than air, and have obviously been waterproofed. They are elegantly designed to be easy to use in the field and strait forward to repair if needed.


Soma no prescription USA FedEx shipping Here is the anatomy of a Quad

  • purchase Soma COD Epoxy Sealed Thrusters  (click for details) – power comes from two piece potted thrusters with integral props.  The total output of the 3s is around 110 lb and the 3 is projected to make 925lb.  Both of these figures represnet a 1.5/1 thrust to weight ratio!
  • soma online overnight Sensors – Full inertial suit, used in the closed loop fashion for real time stabilization
  • Lights (click for details)  “Chip-on–board” (COB) LED’s will provide enough light for full night-time operation. Lights fit in universal Lighing/Camera bays at the tip of each pod.
  • Camera – Anything from a HERO to a RED can be placed in one of the Lighting/Camera bays
  • Charge Ports – Easily accessible for charging on site



All of this is made possible by testing that was started 5 years ago at the University of Rhode Island. There the control system and hydrodynamics were optimized into a proof of concept vehicle. The mid-sized QV3s and full-size QV3 make up the rest of our line-up.




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