http://www.bigleaguekickball.com/about/ Buying Soma overnight delivery   The Yo-yo is everything needed to go offshore.

 It’s a transformer that can function like a small ROV or like a surface ship but predominantly is operated between these two extremes. It is built to answer the question. “How do I get there?” Whether “there” is a place dangerous for human operators or just an inconvenient one.

During operation an underwater asset (drop cam or ROV) is lowered from an autonomous surface vehicle. The surface and sub-sea part for a swarm that is controlled as one. The ROV can be flown for example with the surface part automatically shadowing, or if transiting the surface part can be directly piloted with the underwater asset tucked up underneath.




The Yo-yo is the first USV built specifically to support an underwater asset. Integral to the hull shape is a moon pool that wraps around a winch designed for the loading of a drop-cam or small ROV.  All of this is purpose built not a “close enough”, modified, conglomeration of recreational fishing gear.


The anatomy of the Yo-yo:



Fiberglass Hull (click for details) – Purpose built for   instrument support

Primary Thrusters – Spin props with geometry matched to the low drag, light weight, unmanned platform

Winch (click for details) – Weighing only 25 lb the Yo-yo’s “Mini TMS” isn’t overweight but  is gutsy enough to lift a slew of instrumentation and fast enough for heave compensation

COB Downlights – Provide underwater sunlight for ROV operations.



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